About us
We are urlaubster!

Our mission:

  • We want to give the best vacations to families with diverse interests. To do so, we offer a simple process to plan a complete vacation and chose from all recreational activities offered in Austria with one click, saving you time, stress, and quarrels. Because one really doesn't save the whole year for that.
  • We want to herald beautiful and so far little known corners of Austria to the world.
  • We want each provider to be within a few clicks' reach. And we want him or her to have the right to a great platform - attractively designed and easily navigated.
  • 8 million Austrians won't suffice to fill the capacity of all activity providers around Austria's lakes and rivers, so we are connecting them with active vacationers all over the world. And all that on one single platform.

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We are killing two birds with one stone for the perfect vacation!

Through urlaubster, all family members can engage in their favorite activities while together discovering regions of the country you hadn't even considered before.

With this new principle, we hope to give you great ideas, save you the headache of planning them out, and connect you with interesting, little known regions and providers you may not have found otherwise.

How we got the idea:

A while ago, as a couple we were confronted with the difficult task of combining our sometimes diverging interests and ideals in one vacation. Now that we've grown into a small family, whenever we plan an outing we also try to include the wishes and needs of a small third person, besides our own sports activities and trips.

More often than not, that proves to be difficult, considering how confusing many websites are designed and how much time it takes to find extensive information on the possibilities we would have at one or another location. It gets even more irritating when one wants to engage in a certain activity but has to spend hours to research whether it is even offered in the chosen region. Especially for families, planning a vacation often means stress. But shouldn't the holidays simply be fun and relaxing from the beginning?

To finally straighten out this problem and help other families with their vacation plans, we created urlaubster. At last there is a solution: simply enter your wish list of activities and receive well-structured information on the locations and providers that offer them.

We wish you a fantastic vacation!

Your Evgenia and Bernd

Founders and advocates of superb holidays