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Animal world Herberstein
Buchberg 50
8223 Stubenberg am See

Phone: +43317680777

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We have visited the walk-in wolf cave in the animal world - with original wolf sounds you feel eye to eye with the 10 Timberwolves themselves as part of the pack and get real goosebumps with neck hair placement guarantee during the fascinating live wolf howls. Here is the special interview with Wölfin Nakka.

O-Ton Nakka: "Life with us in the wolf pack of the Timber wolves is never boring - firstly, we always meet many visitors here in the animal world who watch us from the wolf cave, and secondly, especially in autumn there are always fights among each other, as is the case in every pack of wolves. For example, I still remember last autumn quite well: It was a Saturday shortly after noon, we had just finished our howling, which we always start when the fire siren gives the test alarm - for us it sounded like a strange pack at first, but meanwhile we just cry along for fun, also because the visitors enjoy it. On this day I felt particularly strong and I wanted to show this to the previous leader of the pack...

The time had come for a change of leadership and a new hierarchy. As always, the acting leader lay a little lazy in the mild autumn sun and had no idea. So I puffed at him with ruffled neck fur and growled at the baffled man - my friend Taki, who had followed me, watched me in amazement. The leader was also so surprised that he forgot to growl in the first moment and once carefully weighed back. That gave me the necessary self-confidence and I followed immediately! When I tracked him 3 times through the enclosure and he only growled back a little pro forma with braided teeth, it was done - the whole pack had seen how I had jumped around with the leader wolf and he finally had to acknowledge me as a higher ranked dog. My friend Taki was so proud of me and of course, she was happy because she had climbed up with me at the same time. Together we are always first when feeding and get the best pieces - if you ever come to the animal world Herberstein, then you will surely recognize me right away: I look forward to your visit!"

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