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House of the Sea



House of the Sea


House of the Sea
Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz 1
1060 Wien

Phone: +4315871417

E-mail: office[at]haus-des-meeres[dot]at



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Aqua Terra Zoo

The House of the Sea Aqua Terra Zoo is housed in a former World War II flak tower and is therefore particularly eye-catching due to its height of almost 50 metres. However, hardly anyone would guess from its external appearance that it has such a wonderfully colourful and lively interior.

On 11 floors and an area of about 5,000 m², a total of more than 10,000 animals cavort. Sharks, rays, turtles on water and on land, crocodiles, lizards of all kinds, snakes, fish from fresh and salt water, birds, flying foxes, various monkeys, insects, and and and... there is always something new in the House of the Sea!

One of the highlights - besides the 300,000-litre two-storey shark tank - is undoubtedly the surf reef. Experience an impressive surf where countless colourful tropical fish cavort between corals.
"In the middle of it instead of just in front of it" - thanks to a semi-tunnel created by a curved pane, you are right in the middle of the action!
To the left and right - attached to the outer façade of the flak tower - are the tropical house and crocodile park. Covering an area of 200m² and over 20 metres high, the tropical house is home to over 500 animals. There, cheeky jumping tamarins tower next to tropical birds and you can experience all these animals without a barrier! All in all, a real jungle adventure - right in the middle of Vienna!

The Krokipark is the second glass building that catches the eye from the outside. From the entrance area, you can already see through a large pane from below into the crocodile pool. From the visitors' level, you can not only wonderfully observe the spectacled caiman and the bird life, but the usually cheeky and curious lizard monkeys are also worth spending some time there. Probably the longest ant trail in the world, with a total length of about 70 m, runs along the glass railing - it extends over two floors.

Matching the existing terrarium with the poisonous Gila crustacean lizards from North America, the Pacific Eye was created, an aquarium that offers our guests both insights into the North American Pacific fauna and completely new ways of viewing the almost circular "Pacific Eye". The two-metre-diameter Plexiglas hemisphere provides a magnifying glass view of the lifelike kelp forest.

The hammerhead shark pool on the 10th floor is a real "doozy". Already from the lift you can take a look into the new home of hammerhead sharks, cow-nosed rays & Co. Portholes offer views from the side and the front window is in the presentation room, where you can sit comfortably and enjoy the view.

The 360° OCEAN SKY restaurant - with an all-round terrace - on the roof of the House of the Sea, so to speak, is of course a good place to take a break during the day.

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1 Day/s Child 6-15 years 1 Child/ren 9,30 €
1 Day/s Toddler 3-5 years 1 Child/ren 6,20 €