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Paintfull paintball Klagenfurt



Paintfull paintball Klagenfurt


Paintfull paintball Klagenfurt
Ruessteichweg 13
9020 Klagenfurt

Phone: +436505667717

E-mail: office[at]paintfull[dot]at



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09:00 - 22:00

10 years and older | any weather | any season |

Paintball is a unique combination of sport, fun, action and is a modern version of the well-known "robber and gendarme" game. The game is usually played in 2 teams of 5 - 10 people around different goals (Capture the Flag, Center Flag) - individual game variations are possible at any time by prior arrangement. The game is played in a spatially delimited and secured area, the playing field.
The game is played with so-called "markers", with which the balls (paints) are shot. These gelatine balls are filled with food colouring and leave a colour stain on the opponent's clothing when hit. However, the paint is biodegradable and completely harmless, so there is no harm to humans or the environment.

Paintball for children 10 years and older

We offer "Splatmaster Paintball" at our facilities in Klagenfurt and Villach.
These markers enable the shooting of paintball balls of size 0.50cal. (with "normal" Paintball balls of the size 0,68cal. are used) - with an exit speed of approx. 100fps it comes to coloured colour spots on the clothes - but to no "blue" spots on the skin (with "normal" Paintball the exit speed amounts to up to approx. 300fps)!

Aktivität Duration Service Info From Price per person
3 H. Silver package incl. 200 balls incl. equipment 1 Adult/s 34,00 €
3 H. Splatmaster silber incl. 150 balls incl. equipment 1 Child/ren 29,00 €