Durlaßboden Reservoir



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Many Austrian reservoir lakes have one thing in common: they are embedded in a beautiful panorama, framed by forests and/or mountain tops, and make a great destination for hikers, walkers and day trippers. But quite often they are located so high up in the mountains that the water is ice-cold and swimming impossible or even prohibited. Not so the Durlaßboden Reservoir. From an economic point of view, this lake, as well as the Schlegeis, Zillergründl and two other reservoirs, feed into the water turbines of the Verbund AG. But those who spend their family vacations in Austria will care little about this. Much more important for them is that the Durlaßboden Reservoir offers a great refreshment during the summer months, for bathing is allowed here. Up to 21°C are reached between June and August, making the reservoir lake a well-known day trip destination. Besides bathing and swimming, recreational activities abound. Sailors and wind surfers can enjoy their favorite sports here, whether they are experienced or beginners taking their first course. Activities with children are also provided: whether it is letting off steam on the children's playground or a round across this big lake in a paddle-boat. Even when the weather is against bathing - or the water still too cold - Durlaßboden Reservoir is still worth a visit. The walking path around the lake leads you to beautiful views and offers a number of cafés and restaurants for a short of long break along the way. In addition, the wider region offers countless other recreational destinations for day trips. Meanwhile, the nearby Hochkrimml ski resort makes sure that a vacation around the Durlaßboden Reservoir is worthwhile at any time of the year.