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As a sports and recreation provider, you are eligible for our PAWAGUS package. "What package? you will ask. It's our pleasure to explain what PAWAGUS stands for:

P stands for Presentation

We present your location - or if applicable also several locations you are active in - as well as your price list on our modern site geared towards active holidaymakers. We advertise your location and prices not only during the season - on our site they are updated, found and requested throughout the year. According to data from Google, most people plan their summer vacation already in January, and it is well worth investing in one's online presence during the winter.

A for Attractive offers

With urlaubster you have the possibility to create and advertise special offers alongside your usual price list. These are presented on a separate page within urlaubster, and additionally highlighted on the urlaubster home page.

W for Wise advertisement

If you choose urlaubster, we not only advertise your offers on our website, we also offer free, pro-active advertisement on Google and other key search portals.

A for the Ask-the-provider function

Thanks to our 'vacation basket', interested holidaymakers can create individual plans from your offers and services and then send questions and requests directly to you. Thereby you can have direct contact with possible customers, completely without middlemen.

G for Guidance on page design

Since every single search request changes the overall impression for the active vacationer, it is important to us that all urlaubster locations and offers are well-designed and attractive to guests. In keeping with the motto "The first impression counts", we constantly revise all entries and give useful advice for an irresistible internet presence.

U for Usability

We care as much about an appealing first impression as we do about the usability of our website. That is why we constantly perform tests to examine the usability of urlaubster webpages for guests and providers. This way we find out what we can improve in order to facilitate the quest for the perfect vacation in as few clicks as possible, both for the customer and you.

S for Security

Your company's information is very important, and of course we don't want it to fall into the wrong hands. That is why already during the programming of our website we used the highest data safety standards and continue to conduct regular security controls.

+ W – Our additional service on request

Do you already have a web presence? Perfect, in that case it will of course be referenced on urlaubster. If you still don't have one, however, we would like to recommend you to consider making on. In today's world, almost all tourists gather information on their holiday location on the internet. If a web presence is missing, potential customers lack vital information on your service. Google rarely knows more than your telephone book entry, which will rarely arouse the interest of potential customers. We gladly assist you in creating a modern web presence that represents your business and ideals. Do not hesitate to contact us!

With sporty regards,
your urlaubster team